Coach “BoMac” to Lundy: ‘You will get your ass kicked, I’ll put $10,000 on that’


Hank-Lundy--124Respectful, yet confident, longtime trainer Brian “BoMac” McIntyre was at no loss for words when expressing his thoughts on the upcoming Terence Crawford vs Hank Lundy fight, to be held February 27th at the Theater at Madison Square Garden”

“The obvious is you will get your ass kicked, I’ll put ten thousand on that”, proclaimed BoMac at the press conference for the fight announcement held in the lobby MSG on Tuesday. The gathering started testily and quickly escalated culminating with the fighters barking at each other on the escalators and trading barbs on social media.
Mega talented Crawford (27 – 0, 19 KO’s) of Omaha, Nebraska is the overwhelming favorite headed into his third title defense against veteran Lundy (25 – 5 – 1, 13 KO’s) out of Philadelphia, PA.
The presser commenced with Top Rank Boxing President Todd duBoef making an analogy of the matchup, comparing it with Floyd Mayweather’s battle with Emanuel Augustus. Lundy and his team were quite confident on the podium and Coach BoMac was the same for his pupil.
BoMac was gracious with the fact Lundy accepted the assignment as many fighters apparently declined, “respect for taking the fight, they always say (this and that), when they said Lundy, I knew what time of day it was cause I know what he brings to the table”. However, he made it crystal clear whom he expects to be victorious when issuing the wager.
The duo, Crawford, and BoMac have been working together forever Coach explained, “I’ve been with Terence Crawford from day one, that’s 20 years since he was seven…..“I know what he eats when he goes to the bathroom, which car he drives”.
Cohesive, consistent, and long-term coaching can certainly maximize a boxer’s potential in the ring. Crawford has ascended to the upper echelons of the sport, however, Lundy could pose a threat in his climb to the top. For coach BoMac, he does not overlook any challenge but maintains the fact that Crawford will never be caught off-guard in a fight by stating, “he knows what it takes to be a champion.”