Caballero a free agent- “not taking another fight without being signed”


Randy CaballeroOne of the most exciting and intriguing young fighters in the sport of boxing today is Randy Caballero who is fresh off of his 7th round stoppage over Ruben Garcia at the Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, California. It was the latest of his 23 professional wins.


The California-born featherweight has had things go pretty much according to plan. He is moving at a relatively solid pace and making improvements where and when he needs to.


Although Caballero has spent the latest and most important time in his career fighting under the Golden Boy Promotions banner, it seems that he is currently a free agent. Caballero told Fernando Pimentel in an interview that he became a free agent following his last outing which was televised on Estrella TV.


It is interesting to find out that Golden Boy has yet to sign Caballero considering that they are working with fewer fighters today than ever before, including the company’s early conception. However, Golden Boy is on a mission to put together the very best and most dedicated stable possible ever since losing a major chunk of their talent last year with the formation of PBC.


But Caballero is a tremendous talent and it would make perfect sense for Golden Boy to sign the California-based fighter given that the company holds most of its shows in that region. Yet, Caballero was not comfortable giving any guarantees whatsoever.


“You know what, I am a free agent right now, still in negations with Golden Boy. We’re talking to them to see what they want to do, but as of right now we’re waiting to see what’s going to happen. I’m not going to take another fight without being signed, so, like I said, we’re waiting to see what happens,” Caballero said.


Golden Boy should strike a deal with the fighter, especially if they have every intention of signing him. There are a few instances where Golden Boy waited too long and lost out on a key talent. That said, perhaps they are under the notion that they have time to make things work perfectly with Randy who they have invested in through PR building.


Coincidently enough, TBV’s Pimentel caught up with Randy at this weekend’s Leo Santa Cruz-Kiko Martinez card on ShowTime which took place in Randy’s stomping grounds. With Caballero hanging out at a PBC event, Golden Boy would be better off securing the 25-year-old prospect.