Manuel “Tino” Avila- The most exciting part of a Golden Boy Tourney at 126?

Manuel AvilaEarlier this month one of Boxing’s next generation of rising stars took the next step to further his career. Manuel “Tino” Avila (20-0, 8 KO’s) took on and defeated Nicaragua’s Rene Alvarado (23-7, 16 KO’s) via unanimous decision in what has been the most difficult fight in his career to date. Avila did not seem his normal self in the ring and distractions outside the ring seems to have had its effect on the fighter from Fairfield but he sees it as a chance to learn.
“It was just a learning experience, fighting a tougher opponent,” Avila told Tha Boxing Voice. “I made more mistakes fighting that fight than I have in my entire career.  It was different.  I was going through a lot at the time switching from gym to gym, kind of working on my own. If I get in that situation again I would have you fight my fight and start throwing more punches and not be as defensive as I was.”
With the win over Alvarado behind him, Avila must look to the future. He currently has no opponent lined up but has hopes of fighting in July and then move on to a planned 126-pound tournament that Golden Boy Promotions is putting together.
“Right now we are still in the works of talking about my next fight. Hopefully something for July. Robert Diaz from Golden Boy is setting up a tournament at 126 [pounds] and after my next fight. I hope that I can prove myself for that.”