A Letter to Broner


    Dear Adrien Broner,

    I am one of the guys who was happy to see you lose but that doesn’t mean I want you out of boxing. You are a colorful personality who could definitely help the sport but it all depends on how you take this loss against Marcos Maidana. I and a lot of other critics have been giving you a rough time about your performance but not a lot of people are giving you credit for what you did show us and that is your heart. You picked your self off the canvas and kept pressing on and didn’t take the easy road out. Remember with this loss you have a opportunity to be a even better fighter.

    It’s okay to be confident but at times you are so overly confident you become a asshole. If you are going to talk all that shit at least hang around to thank your fans and talk to them after you lose. They are the ones who pay you and they are the ones who can break you. Getting trash thrown at you on your way out of the arena isn’t going to get you into big pay per view fights and it may not of happened if you stuck around and took your loss like a man.

    Not everyone can be Floyd Mayweather. You don’t have his should roll. You don’t have his footwork. You don’t have his 0. However, you have power and are more entertaining in the ring than Mayweather. I’d much rather see you stop someone than Mayweather out point Guerrero or Canelo. So use this loss as your opportunity to distance yourself and step out of Floyd’s shadow, because being the little brother isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It seems like you created your style to mimic Floyd and didn’t make it around your own strengths and weakness. If that’s the case get a new trainer and start rebuilding.

    It’s evident that you have a problem with movement, both with your opponents movement and your flat footedness. You also have some glaring holes in your defense, mainly with the overhand right. Take some time off rapping and other extracurricular activities, study the holes, fix them and then ask for the rematch. You were on your way to being elite in this sport and it can still happen.

    P.S. Please never dry hump another fighter again… Keep it classy.

    Lucas Biggers