A look into the contributors in boxing – Interview with Frank Pintabone


    Allentown, PA (July 25th, 2014) – in the sport of boxing you have many people who contribute and play huge roles in fighters careers but at times, fly under the radar. They are unknown to many, and only a select few can really tell you who they are and what they do.

    The Lehigh Valley area in Pennsylvania has its own select of fighters that have great potential to become bigger than what one might expect, names like local fighter Jerome Rodriguez (6-1-3, 2 KOs, Easton’s Arturo Trujillo (5-0, 3 KOs), and many more.

    One guy, who plays a huge roll in the boxing community here in PA, is Frank Pintabone. From training guys, to helping their teams out, making and doing anything possible to better the fighter, Frank is well known in the Lehigh Valley area, Philadelphia and New York as well. Working with amateurs, and professionals, Frank is the man you want when you’re interested in holding your camp in the area.
    I caught up with Frank earlier, at one of the gyms where he keeps his guys in line, Hammer Training and Fitness, to get a bit more in depth background at the things a guy like him does for the great sport of boxing.