A Short Rant On De La Hoya – Belfort And Hypocrisy


    It was only a few years ago that we saw a huge crossover between boxing and MMA when Floyd Mayweather took on Conor McGregor. The boxing world was split on the event but Oscar De La Hoya was pissed! He even wrote a letter to boxing fans asking them not to watch it and it was a disgrace to the boxing community.

    Fast forward to today and De La Hoya will be stepping in the ring with a former MMA fighter, Vitor Belfort in a light heavyweight match.

    The hypocrisy is huge in this case. I understand De La Hoya wants to return to the ring and that’s fine. Fight a boxer to see where you are at. That’s exactly what we tell Jake and Logan Paul.

    The fact that Triller is calling this the most anticipated fight of the decade is outright ludacris. The reason why Mayweather and McGregor was more acceptable is they were the top guys in their sport and had a rivalry. These are two guys that are way past their prime from different sports competing against each other. That’s like Michael Jordan joining the Tour de France to compete against Lance Armstrong today. Despite the achievements both have had only one is experienced in that field.

    Don’t get me wrong on the subject as I am totally ripping on it. It is boxing and I will cover boxing no matter what I believe because someone once said any publicity is good publicity and I love watching fights. That being said, my memo/rant is over.