Adam Booth Says Billy Joe Saunders Likely Next for Andy Lee


    AdamBooth_2609769Last Saturday, Andy Lee captured the WBO middleweight title. Against all odds, the 30-year old Irish fighter knocked his undefeated opponent, Matt Korobov, out in the sixth round. After the fight had a chance to speak with the trainer of the new champion, Adam Booth.

    Booth spoke about his feelings, after his fighter managed to achieve the unthinkable.

    “It is an emotional numb feeling right now”, the trainer said. He continued, “I know satisfaction and happiness are going to kick in soon. Other than that, it gives me faith that sometimes the right things can go to the right people. The good guys can come first sometimes.”

    Lee was able to hurt his opponent badly in the sixth round. However, Korobov was able to stay up. After landing a barrage of punches on the 31-year old Russian, Lee was able to stop Korobov. Booth re-lived that moment with us.

    “I thought he was going down. But it was a fight-finishing moment. There was enough time in the round left. I knew that as long Andy didn’t smother his work, he would have enough time to deal with the moment. And he dealt with it well.”

    Lee pointed out after the fight that he would like to have his first title defense in his home country Ireland. We concluded the interview with Asking Booth who he would prefer as an opponent for that first title defense.

    “We know that the WBO mandatory is Billy Joe Saunders. If Billy Joe feels that he is ready to fight Andy, we would like to make that fight.”