Jose Benavidez Sr. Denies Rumor That He Said Herrera Beat His Son


    download (1)Boxing fans and media have had a lot to say after Saturdays fight between Jose Benavidez Jr. and Mauricio Herrera and the controversy that surrounded it but one of the most recognized statements came from Dan Rafael of ESPN.

    Rafael posted via Twitter that he was informed that father and trainer of Benavidez Jr. had approached Herrera and his team after the fight and had stated that Herrera should have been the winner.

    Several associates of Benavidez’ team have come forward stating that there is no truth to the rumors and Benavidez Sr. has come forward to discredit those rumors.

    “I heard today that Dan Rafael of ESPN tweeted that I told Herrera in the dressing room that he beat my son,” said Benavidez Sr. “I absolutely did not say that. His team was angry, insisting they won the fight. Saying, admit your son lost the fight. I told them to relax. We won the fight. They asked for a rematch and I said absolutely. I said that if they’d won, they would also celebrate. I never said Herrera beat my son, because he did not. I just want to make that clear.”