Adam Braidwood on a possible fight with Tim Chemelli


    We are approaching the two-year mark since Adam Braidwood last fought in the ring. He was scheduled to have a huge fight with Stan Surmacz Ahumada in early 2020 but Covid put an end to that as all sports were canceled. Regardless of not fighting Braidwood kept working and most importantly kept training because you never know when an opportunity will knock on your door.

    An opportunity Braidwood would live to have is a fight with Tim Chemelli. Both fighters have spoken on social media about a possible tournament with Canada’s top heavyweights which would produce quite a bit of fireworks.

    Braidwood feels a fight with Chemelli would be easy to make. Both want to be challenged and have the same ideas running through their brains and Chemelli has enough experience in both boxing and MMA for commissions to an insider the fight.

    “Before I [went away from social media] he put up a post saying let’s get a tournament going,” stated Braidwood. “Let’s get all these heavyweights to sign up and do a round robin thing and figure out the top five guys, top six. Stan (Surmacz Ahumada) is out unfortunately  with health issues. I was actually looking forward to that fight with him and Simon. Chemelli stepped up and said he wants to fight and that’s the guy I don’t think would hold out for a lot of cash. If you look at his record combined with his MMA fights they’ll probably pass it. I think he’s got something like twenty or so MMA fights so I think they will pass that fight. With Tim he looks the part, he’s got the fight experience, he’s been in there with other big guys and I think that would be a great fight for the fans in BC if somebody wants to put us on a card.”

    Getting someone on board is not impossible but in these times it sure is hard. There are a ton of promoters out there that want to build up their fighters and not really put on challenging fights. A fight with these two heavy-fisted ring warriors could be just what the doctor ordered for fight fans that want to see competition and not just a wash in the ring. 

    “If somebody wants to have that card I would love to fight Tim. I think that would be a great fight and I think he’s like standing your ground and trade kind of a guy which works great for me. I think that would be an exciting fight for the fans because a lot of these cards you know they’re putting on fights that you gotta build your fighters and take fights at the right time but fans aren’t stupid and they want to see a challenge.”