Adonis Stevenson Takes Out Dmitry Sukhotsky in Five Rounds


    Adonis-Stevenson-againAdonis Stevenson (25-1, KOs 21) fought a very measured fight in the early stages of the fight, but managed to score a devastating knockout victory against Dmitry Sukhotsky (22-3, KOs 16).

    Stevenson being a natural counterpuncher, waited for opportunities for Sukhotsky to open up, but since Sukhotsky remained very conservative, the pace of the bout was very leisurely in the early rounds. Despite the slow pace of the fight, Stevenson managed to score a knockdown in the 2nd round with a solid left hand in in the closing seconds of the round.

    As the fight progressed, Stevenson began to slightly increase his offensive output by landing potshots from a distance, and solid combinations when the distance between the two shortened. When Sukhotsky did decide to throw his own punches, he was often countered with a hard left hand, thus making him even more conservative throughout fight. Stevenson was allowed to move laterally in every direction as he pleased.

    In the 5th round, Stevenson landed a solid one two combination and scored another knockdown. Sukhotsky managed to beat the count, but Stevenson continued his attack and immediately scored another knockdown. Yet again Sukhotsky managed to beat the count, but was on wobbly legs, then Stevenson landed a devastating straight left that ended the bout once and for all.

    Stevenson was awarded a 5th round TKO victory, and in the post fight interview he was asked if he’s willing to fight Sergey Kovalev in the immediate future. Stevenson replied, “You have to come to me. I’m the big champion. I hold the ring magazine. I beat the man of the light heavyweight division so they have to come to me. I go in the ring and knock everyone out. Look at my shape, I’m Superman.”