Adrien Broner Wants to Avenge His Loss to Marcos Maidana


    adrien-broner-jewelryAdrien “The Problem” Broner (28-1-22), has been trying to avenge his only loss to Marcos Maidana (35-5, 31 KOs) for quite some time now. He spoke with on the details of the fight and his persistent run at getting a rematch with the gritty Argentinian.

    Broner initially gives Maidana credit for the win saying, “He was the stronger man, and he was the better fighter that night.” And in typical Adrien Broner fashion he takes all that back by saying, “I congratulate him on everything I did for his career, because if he didn’t beat me he would have never got that Floyd fight.” Broner maybe showing his cockiness but he showed no ill will to his fellow pugilist just a desire to fight him again saying, “I’m happy for him, he’s a cool guy and a nice friend. Every time I see him we shake hands, but I still got to beat his ass though.” Broner went into the fight after being asked if he underestimated Maidana, which some thought he did. Broner responds rather quickly, “Hell no. He caught me with a good shot that changed the fight. That’s boxing.  If he didn’t catch me with that shot I didn’t see in the eighth round, I would not have lost that fight.”

    Adrien Broner is slated to fight in March and a opponent is not set yet for him. Maidana at the moment is looking for a big fight with Manny Pacquaio, but with Pacquiao being swamped with the name Mayweather, Maidana may have to look elsewhere.  The stars are aligning for the rematch Adrien Broner really wants.  The first fight was fireworks. Broner was knocked down twice and hurt badly plenty times throughout the fight. Broner fought hard and threw some good shots of his own, but Maidana clearly hurt Broner more in the fight, plus the knockdowns warranted Maidana’s decision victory. Lets see if the rematch happens. If it does, it promises to be a crowd pleasing affair.