Alex Torres Rynn Makes his U.S. Debut March 9th


    Alex Torres Rynn has had a Rocky start to his boxing career. Difficulty securing fights that actually take place has always been an issue. Fighting for a promoter has been an issue as well. He has fought for two different promoters in his hometown of Calgary but neither of those promoters has done for him what he wished they could. Hopes of staying active where dashed and he was at a point in his career where he wasn’t sure what was going to happen next.

    “Basically I was sitting on ice,” Rynn told Tha Boxing Voice.  “I was going on six months of being inactive so I was like ‘what’s the next step? Are we going to fight in Mexico? Are we going to fight in the U.S.?’ We wanted to do it all but nothing was coming up.”

    With hope dwindling down, Rynn received a phone call that would fulfill a dream of his to fight in the United States. The first opportunity would have been a fight against an Olympic gold medalist in Reno, Nevada but the very next day after receiving news about that potential fight those dreams were dashed. As fate would have it, when one door closes another one opens and a fight against an Olympic silver medalist in Philadelphia was on the table.

    “No offers were coming up and my situation in western Canada fell apart so I was like I’m just going to keep on training and hopefully something comes up and sure enough I get a phone call from my good friend Danny McCarthy and he was like ‘do you want to fight an Olympic gold medalist in Reno, Nevada in February?’ And right away I didn’t even second [guess] and said sure let’s do it. One day later they said ‘yeah we looked at your record and you’re a little bit of a step up. How would you like to fight in Philly against a silver medalist John Joe Nevin on March ninth?’ I thought about it for a bit and it looked like a good fight. I know him from the amateurs.”

    It is a fight that Rynn it’s confident he can win. He knows Nevin from the amateur ranks and believes the best way to beat him is to take him into deep waters and constant body work. With that accomplished, he feels that he will stop him late in the fight.

    “[He is] a terrific boxer. Fast, good footwork. I am going to have to be at my very best. I am ready right now. We are going to pressure him. We are going to work the body and try to break him down and not to give away too much but we plan on taking him into deep waters and drown him. We are going to make him work and make him uncomfortable. I believe I am going to stop him.”

    The opportunity has come at the right time for the Mexican – Canadian fighter. With the issues fighting in his hometown of Calgary and no chance of fighting in Edmonton due to the ban on boxing and mixed martial arts, this is the perfect exposure for the young fighter to display his skills. Surely a win would guarantee bigger and better things and that’s exactly what he plans on.
    Julio Garcia