Alexander Plans to Expose Khan on Fight Night


    download (1)Amir Khan has been criticized in the past for being too reckless in his earlier years with Freddie Roach. Now that he’s under Virgil Hunter’s tutelage most boxing insiders agree that Khan is a more defensively aware fighter. Despite this, Devon Alexander claims he still sees defensive lapses in Khan’s game.

    In an interview with Tha Boxing Voice, Alexander discussed how Khan still makes amateur mistakes, and how he plans to expose them on Saturday night. Alexander stated, “Khan jumps in and out a lot with his head in the air. He hits then jumps out and repeats the same process. It’s kind of how he got caught on the chin against Maidana. That’s a very amateur mistake, and his defense is not that good. He still gets hit a lot.”

    Alexander plans to expose Khan’s mistakes by sharpening his defensive and offensive arsenal. Alexander stated, “You will see a more exciting Devon. A more game Devon. I’m going to be there, use a lot of movement but not running around the ring, but a lot of angles. I’m going to bring a lot of speed and power. After this fight people will say we have to respect this guy for what he’s done, and for being an elite fighter.”