Alfredo Angulo Hopes To Return in March, Speaks on the Canelo Rumors


    Alfredo Angulo was a recent guest of’s radio show this past Thursday. He spoke with us on many topics including the Canelo rumors, his next possible fight, and possible opponents among other things.

    On why he switched trainers to Virgil Hunter:

    Virgil is a great trainer. He’s more than a great trainer, he a  great person. He hasn’t tried to change ‘El Perro’s’ style. He’s looked for small things to improve that I could use in the ring, more combinations, movement, and more intelligence.


    Regarding the May 4th Canelo rumors:

    All I heard were things mostly on the internet and twitter about me and Canelo. I respect Canelo as a fighter; he’s a good fighter that’s learning little by little. But he hasn’t faced a good opponent yet. I think it’s a fight a lot of people want to see because both our styles. I don’t have any problem with taking that fight.


    On a possible time table for his return to the ring:

    Virgil is interested in me returning in March because we want to stay active. Let’s see what happens when we talk to Oscar De La Hoya and Golden Boy.


    Regarding possible opponents he’d want to square off with in the ring:

    I don’t have a problem fighting whoever. We’re happy to fight anyone at 154 whether its (Miguel) Cotto, Vanes (Martirosyan), Canelo Alvarez, or whoever at 154.


    If he’s still interested in a rematch with James Kirkland, should Kirkland get his boxing affairs in order:

    I don’t have any problem with James Kirkland but that’s the work of my manager and promoter Oscar (De La Hoya). But if they put the name forward, I have no problem. I think that fight was great the 1st time and 2nd time out, it would be even better; we owe the fans that fight.


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