Alvarez-Cotto Negotiations Have Been Called Off


    downloadPresident of Golden Boy Promotions has stated that Canelo Alvarez will not face Miguel Cotto on May 2nd. Despite the disappointment of this bout not coming into fruition, De La Hoya told, Alvarez will continue to campaign for the same date. This seems counterintuitive if a Mayweather-Pacquiao deal gets finalized on Cinco De Mayo weekend because Alvarez’s bout would clearly be overshadowed unless he makes an appearance on their undercard.

    Cotto’s advisor Gaby Pernagaricano told The Sweet Science, Cotto is not avoiding Alvarez, they were just unable to finalize on a deal at the moment. He explained, “We were willing to continue the conversations, but if Oscar needed to move for whatever reason, fine no problem. We do not have the timing issue Oscar/Canelo appears to have.”