Fernando Vargas: ‘Mayweather-Pacquiao Doesn’t Have the Same Price Value but I’m Still Going to Buy It’


    Fernando+Vargas+iWQFBsLwII1mTha Boxing Voice is working hard this weekend with its coverage of the events leading up to the Deontay Wilder vs. Bermane Stiverne fight. The weigh in this friday had brought plenty of spectators and stars. Our own Sean Zittel caught up with the former three time junior middleweight champion Fernando Vargas, as he is now a trainer and has a fighter (Cesar Quiñonez) on the undercard of the big heavyweight bout.

    Besides the resurgence of American heavyweight boxing scene, the talk of all boxing fans is of course the enigma that is Mayweather vs Pacquiao. Zittel asked Fernando about the potential fight and if he agreed with Mayweather being a three to one favorite. “Absolutely,” said Vargas. “He’s too smart, too intelligent. The fight with Marquez exposed Pacquaio, so it doesn’t have the same price value, but I’m still gonna buy it.” Vargas went on to say, “Everyone was saying how much they would never fight, now the fight is here to come, and I’m gonna watch it.” Vargas was also asked if he thought Pacquaio had a chance in the fight. He responded, “If you have gloves on you have a chance, but Floyd is just too smart. He takes care of his body, yeah he gambles and does all his stuff, but he doesn’t drink or do anything to hinder his body.”

    The world is looking forward to an announcement from Mayweather to solidify the fight and its date. While the world waits we have a great card on Saturday as the American heavyweights are back in action. Look out also for Vargas in the training corner on Saturday as his fighter, Cesar Quiñonez, is fighting on the undercard.