Amanda Serrano tells Mrdjenovich to prove that she’s the best at 126


December 17th  has come and gone and Jelena Mrdjenovich did as was expected of her and came out victorious against Paola Torres. It wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t easy but a win is a win.

After the fight, Mrdjenovich was asked what is next for her and she had stated that she does not want to discuss that. The focus right now is on her and her team. She has been through hell and back this year and wants to focus on herself along with the here and now.

That did not seem to sit too well with rival Amanda Serrano who has been campaigning for a fight with Mrdjenovich on social media. Serrano is also mandatory for Mrdjenovich’s WBC title.

“Congrats Jelena you got the win,” Tweeted Serrano. “I did last night. Answer the question what’s next? ME! Yes it was your night & mine was last night. I still gave you a shoutout. 

No one asked why you didn’t defend your WBC? You can’t, only against me!

HEAL up Hun Rest & let’s GET IT ON! 

126lb is yours PROVE IT.”