Amanda Serrano To Face Erika Cruz Hernandez In Bout For Undisputed At 126 Lbs.


    Amanda Serrano is one of the most accomplished fighters in women’s boxing. She has won world titles in numerous divisions and fought in martial arts events as well as Mixed Martial Arts and she has proven to kick ass at every sport she ventures into.

    A dream fight for Serrano and boxing fans has been a long awaited fight with Canada’s Jelena Mrdjenovich. If you though getting a fight between Errol Spence and Terrence Crawford was bad this may be just as bad or even worse.

    The two sides have negotiated throughout the years and nothing ever happened. Both sides have their versions of what happened and why the fight did not happen but at the end of the day it’s one persons words against another. Unless we are given visual evidence it’s all here say (I learned that from Judge Judy).

    Serrano currently holds three of the four major titles in the 126 lb. division. The remaining title was held by Mrdjenovich but she lost that title to Erika Cruz earlier this year. Now that Cruz holds that title Serrano will get her shot at undisputed and it seems to have come together easily.

    “Amanda’s next boxing fight will be a unifier with the WBA champion, Erika Cruz Hernandez,” stated Lou DiBella via Twitter. “A deal was finalized [June 15th] with her management. Amanda is committed to both a full unification at 126 and continuing her progress in MMA.”

    Serrano used DiBella’s Tweet to address the “idiots” that claim to know everything and why Serrano fought in MMA.

    “You heard it from the boss,” stated Serrano. “This goes out to the IDIOTS who swear they know it all and that I went to MMA cause my unification deal fell off. I’m in MMA because I have a goal there. Keep writing and talking about me. I’m one of the most relevant girls in the sport. Get your views up.”