Amir Khan Believes That Moving Up In Weight Will Give Him A Better Chin Especially Against Alexander


    Amir Khan is sure of his skill, speed and power, but delusional when it comes to his chin. In a recent interview Khan touched up on the subject. “Part of my punch resistance is due to my weight,” said Khan. “Sometimes you need that extra little bit (of weight) to take that punch. If you’re not making weight properly, you’re not going to take the punches as well. Virgil has seen me spar at 147. I talked to Virgil about moving up and he said, ‘Who you looking to fight?’ I said, ‘Alexander.’ He said, ‘That’s a good fight.'”

    Khan fighting at a heavier weight may help him absorb a punch better but not much better. If you follow logic, the bigger the weight the harder the punch. The harder the punch and the harder Khan will go down.