Andre Berto Not Concerned With The Past or Future, Focused on Robert Guerrero


    The past is something we can’t change but reflect on. The future holds uncertainty, so for most fighters they like to live in the now. For Andre Berto there are plenty should of, would of, could ofs. There are also plenty of things on the horizon should he get by his ‘now’ opponent Robert ‘Ghost Guerrero on November 24th.

    Berto stopped by’s radio reflect on his past, his possible future, and his upcoming fight with Guerrero.

    On the regret of the cancellation of the Berto-Ortiz 2 fight:

    Of course it’s in the back of my mind, nothing we can do about it. We didn’t do anything wrong. We just have to take the right measures to prove that we are who we are. Everybody and VADA in general, jumped too far ahead of the situation and instead of finding out what it was. It didn’t have anything with any type of enhancement at all. The fight could have still happened. I’m not sure about his situation but nobody thought he was going to lose. This is boxing, anything can happen. Now with Guerrero, we back in there.

    On possibly getting the chance to fight Victor Ortiz again:

    It’s the only loss on my record; of course I want to get back in there to prove that it was a bad night on my end. I look forward to it in the future. I’m not sure if his jaw got fixed or not. It’s a tough injury to come back for. Only time will tell.

    On how he feels he can defeat Robert Guerrero:

    He’s (Guerrero) is really a 140lber. It is what it is. I saw the (Selcuk) Aydin fight not knowing he was going to be my next opponent.  Aydin’s a punching bag that comes to you. He gave Aydin opportunities to come back to make the fight a lot closer than it really was. He came out with the victory but me and Aydin are two completely different fighters. I have been out for a while. He’s out there for looking for another exciting fight; he’s a tough kid and I know he’s going to come to fight and that’s the type of fight I’m looking for.


    If Stamina will be an issue and how he will deal with Guerrero’s volume punching:

    That’s something we’re working on. He’s a volume puncher to a point. Anybody can be a volume puncher to guy that walks towards u and doesn’t throw many punches. On fight night we’ll be ready to go hard 12. Me and Aydin are two completely different fighters. He’s a walk forward punching bag and he lets off one punch that’s it. Anybody can have a high punch volume with a guy like that. I can box move, throw power, and move my feet. Everything matters with shots that you land and the most effective punches. Floyd Mayweather isn’t the most crazy volume puncher but he throws the most effective ones. Those are the ones that count and that’s what I do and throw.

    On this being a must win fight:

    I look at is, it don’t matter who I fight, we’re going in to win point black period. We’re going into win whether it’s Joe Schmo, or Robert Guerrero. Either way we’re going into win whether some feel it’s a crossroad fight. I’m not going in looking or thinking of Mayweather or Pacquiao,  I’m going into this fight thinking of Guerrero.

    Whether Rankings and Belts really matter to him:

    I don’t pay attention to rankings, those things change dramatically. No one knew Josesito Lopez before the Ortiz fight then after they rank him on the top 5 so the Canelo fight can make sense. So now of that stuff matters.

    As for belts, it’s pretty much what it is. Titles are great but its stay busy and give these people what they want to see and everything else falls into place.

    On future opponents in the welterweight division:

    If we can’t get past Guerrero, we can’t talk about Floyd or Pacquiao at all. We handle our business come November 24th then we can see what’s next. My whole focus and camp is eating and sleeping Robert Guerrero. But all these guys look like food. Everybody at 147 is looking enticing to me but right now its all Robert Guerrero.