Andre Ward on His Roc Nations Sports Contract: ‘It’s a Blockbuster Deal’


    010915-Boxing-Roc-Nation-Andre-Ward-Jay-Z-MM-PI.vresize.1200.675.high.32Most in boxing aren’t privy to the exact terms in Andre Ward’s contract with Roc Nation Sports. There is some speculation regarding the exact figure and length of time/number of fights, but nothing is being confirmed, although Ward is clearly all aboard with the Roc Nation Sports team.

    It isn’t just the numbers that got Ward’s attention. Ward insists that Jay-Z will play a pivotal role in boxing and not just offer his brand as the platform for others to be responsible.

    “He has a team in place, but he’s involved. You see his face and he speaks up, he doesn’t just have his name on it, his heart and passion is on it. The times that I’ve had an opportunity to speak to him I’ve felt that right away,” Ward said.

    As for his deal, Ward isn’t giving away anything, and even though this pairing between Ward and Roc Nation Sports has been rumored for over a month the super middleweight champion hints that the deal is sweet enough to make up for his absence from the ring.

    “It’s a blockbuster deal, and at this stage in my career this deal made up for a lot of lost time.”