Andy Vences to Gabe Flores Jr: If It Wasn’t For Me You Would Of Never Had Your Foot In The Door With Top Rank


    One of the greatest difficulties for boxers is going away for training camp. Many fighters leave their families behind to avoid any and all distractions to ensure victory in their fight. If you look at it, a fighter’s team is essentially their family while they away on the road training. Some families are close which makes a split in the future that much harder. When it is a mutual split things go better for both parties involved but that doesn’t mean others are not affected.

    Andy Vences spent many years training with Gabe Flores Sr.  Many were shocked to hear that the two had parted ways but like any relationship, there are ups and downs and one must know when to call it quits. While both have moved on to do well for them self there seems to be a bit of bad blood at least from the son of Flores, Gabe Flores Jr.

    Flores Jr took to social media to post a picture with Erick Deleon who will face off against Vences in the near future stating that De Leon will be looking to score a major upset against the San Jose native on March 10th. Something that didn’t sit well with Vences.


    “Not going to mention any names but somebody Direct Messaged me this photo just now….I just started to laugh and couldn’t believe this shit hah,” stated Vences via social media. “It honestly doesn’t bother me I just wanted to share it to show how people are nowadays…. I’m the 130pound WBC Continental Americas Super Featherweight Champion and I say that proudly and humbly. I worked my ass off day and night 2-3jobs before signing to a promoter. I continue to work extremely hard because I will be a world champion SOON. Me and my last coach (your dad) have had our differences…We’ve split our ways and continue to grow just like everybody else if it wasn’t for me you would of never had your foot in the door with top rank….Instead of hating on my success at least thank me for everything I’ve done for you and your family. Boxing is not all about you and your story….There are many other fighters all over the world battling their struggles and their battles…Come March 10th when I win this fight people aren’t going to know what to say anymore….God’s watching over me and ain’t nobody going to change or take that away….People I’m telling you they always rooting for the underdog, but when you at the TOP they just want to see you FALL. Good luck in you career Mr. Youngest Ever these things don’t bother or phase me anymore. Your dad taught me well SON.! I’ll never forget everything I learned from him. I respect him for what he’s done for me in my life and always will. Just remember that.”
    Julio Garcia