Angel Garcia On Picking A Winner For Cotto-Martinez: Flip A Coin On That One


    Sergio Martinez has wanted a fight with Miguel Cotto for quite some time and now that it has been signed with both fighters past their prime will they be able to put on a great fight or will we see two burned out fighters in the ring salvaging whatever they have left for a possible final payday?

    While many in the boxing world await the showdown to see what the fighters have left, Angel Garcia who is the father and trainer of world champion Danny Garcia is not too excited and even though Martinez has had time for his body to recover from past injuries and Cotto seems to be rejuvenated, the age of the fighters is cause for a lack of excitement from Garcia who believes either man can win.

    “Honestly, flip a coin on that one (to pick a winner),” said Angel Garcia. “It’s hard to say because you gotta understand that these are old fighters. If they were young ponies then it’s different but I like young ponies I don’t like old horses.”