Anthony Peterson: Broner is Taking Over The Lightweight Division, Doubt That Fight Ever Happens


Tha Boxing Voice was present at last week’s Friday Night Fights in Washington DC, when Lamont Peterson made his return to the ring against Kendall Holt. Anthony Peterson was also there to support his brother, so we caught up with him after the fight and he told us what he thought of his brother’s return “I thought Lamont did a tremendous job tonight against Holt after his lay off,” said Anthony. Lamont looked stronger than ever, Anthony credited that to their strength and conditioning coach Danny Henners.

 It has been well over a year now since Anthony Peterson has stepped into the squared circle. Curiously we asked when we would get to see him fight again; Anthony replied “As soon as possible, the great trainer and manager Barry Hunter is working on it right now. He had to make sure Lamont’s parade was over with, come Monday my parade will start then.” Anthony Peterson doesn’t have an opponent in mind, when we asked he said “Anybody, anybody. It don’t matter who it is. My opponent is Anthony Peterson. That is the main person I’m trying to fight and conquer and get over. The other people in the division mean nothing to me. Once I get Anthony Peterson in order the other guys in the division won’t matter and that’s final.”

During our conversation the topic of his opposition in the division also came up, mainly Adrien Broner. “Broner right now is taking over the division; I know he is going to move up. It’s kind of like we are family, my coach is his mentor, and his coach is my mentor so we grew up together. I doubt it would ever happen but if it happens, that’s what it is. The lightweight division now it has been ran and conquered by Adrien Broner so I don’t think there is nobody else out there, besides Adrien Broner.” It might not happen but it’s a fight I’d like to see. In my eyes either of the Peterson’s brothers would pose a legitimate threat to Broner’s throne. Both have solid defense, decent speed, power, and foot movement. The movement of Rees was causing issues for Broner in his last fight but eventually Rees stopped moving and got pounded into submission.

One of the Peterson’s may just have what it takes to stop Broner’s undefeated reign. As always follow me on twitter @lucasbiggers213 and Tha Boxing Voice @ThaBoxingVoice. Also don’t forget to listen in every Thursday and Sunday evenings to Tha Boxing Voice Radio Show. You never know who will come on our show; we have surprise guests on a regular basis. If you are on Facebook check us out on there as well.