Arreola: ‘Haye Talks His Way into a Title Shot, He Doesn’t Fight’


    download (1)Recently Tha Boxing Voices Victor Salazar caught up with Chris Arreola and spoke to him about a variety of subjects. Chris said that he is recovering from elbow surgery and that he is still in high spirits following his loss to Bermaine Stiverne. Nonetheless he says that “heavyweight boxing is coming back to the United States and that we have a lot of strong up and comers” to include himself. As for who is next for him to fight he says “I really don’t care. I fear no man.” Arreola is open to fighting David Haye or anyone else. He went on to state that he likes David Haye he also exclaimed that “Haye talks his way into a title shot. He doesn’t fight his way into the shot”. While Chris respects Haye’s style and his fighting ability he believes Haye “Should fight someone first” and then get a title shot.  Chris Arreola is still a gifted heavyweight fighter and has a lot to offer boxing with his exciting style and aggressive attitude. What the future holds for him whether it is David Haye or not remains to be seen but either way we know that he will give it all he’s got no matter whom the opponent may be.

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