Arreola Is Dedicated And In Great Shape, Confident In Beating Mitchell


    Chris Arreola is a fighter that has been criticized often in his career from his lack of dedication to his weight going into fights. The two things obviously come hand in hand but the first career loss in Arreola’s career against heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko he, knew it was time to turn things around but it would take a couple of fights and one more loss for a change to be noticed.

    In his loss to Tomasz Adamek, Arreola showed that there was more to him than just a puncher and even though there was a better Arreola than any of us imagined,  he still lost.

    2011 proved to be a busy year which was great for Arreola who fought five times and was in tremendous shape compared to how he appeared in the past couple years.

    2012 proved to be a short year for Arreola who suffered an injury and was only able to compete once.
    In April of this year Arreola was able to put himself back in line for title contention in a heavily anticipated bout with hard hitting Bermane Stiverne. In a fight where Arreola looked heavier and out of shape than the previous two years we saw him get knocked down hard in the third round and he was unable to fully recover but fought on and showed heart, losing a unanimous decision.

    Arreola is scheduled to take on Seth Mitchell this September in a crossroads bout that will determine where he goes career wise whether he wins or loses.

    Mitchell has shown that he is vulnerable to punches that catch him straight on the chin and unlike Johnathan Banks, Arreola will remain on the attack. “Seth Mitchell will need to bring his football helmet. I’m going to beat the shit out of him,” says Arreola who is pumped about the fight.

    Arreola’s trainer Henry Ramirez is confident about the victory as well especially with Arreola’s training and the tremendous shape that his fighter is in compared to before. “Chris is going to be in real good shape for this fight. Under 240 pounds,” said Ramirez. “He knows that his back is against the wall.”

    Even though Mitchell redeemed himself in his loss against Banks, Ramirez does not feel that will help him against Arreola. “Mitchell had a nice win after coming back from a knockout loss but Banks in not Chris Arreola. Chris is not going to hurt him then not throw [punches]. Chris is going to suffocate him.”

    In a recent Instagram photo Arreola appears to be in the best shape he has ever been in since turning pro and you can tell that he is motivated. The guy has to be since he has been backed into a corner. Linda Poindexter said it best, “When you’re backed into a corner and there is nowhere to run…..stand your ground and don’t back down.”