Arum Certain He Can Make Pacquiao-Marquez 5 And Maximize Both Fighters’ Purses


    In the boxing world, December 8th 2012 will be remembered as a historical date in which the pound for pound great Manny Pacquiao met his match and was knocked out by his arch nemesis Juan Manuel Marquez. Voted by the press and fans alike as the fight of the year, this fourth meeting between the two masterful boxers resulted in fireworks and high drama. The ebb and flow of the match swayed back and forth and the demand for a fifth fight from the fans has lead Bob Arum; the CEO of Top Rank promotions, to try and fulfill the demands of not only the fans but of Manny Pacquiao who wants revenge.

    For those looking to see a series that could rival LaMotta-Robinson, Ali-Frazier, and Morales-Barrera, be assured that Bob Arum is trying his hardest to get a reluctant Marquez in the squared circle with Manny one more time. As many may already know, Juan Manuel Marquez had supposedly promised his wife that he would not fight again, and less against Pacquiao, leaving a proposed September matchup in limbo for the evenly matched combatants. We were able to catch up with the CEO of Top Rank to discuss this fifth bout, the logistics behind the location, and where Manny Pacquiao could be headed in the future.

    With September so far away and Filipino and Mexican fans salivating for a victory for their compatriots, we asked what was known about the time line for this proposed fifth bout to Mr. Arum who responded “There’s no hurry, I was supposed to meet last night with Juan Manuel in San Diego, but he had another appointment so he asked if he could come to Las Vegas on Monday to meet with me on Tuesday”. The capital of boxing for a long time has been Las Vegas, and with all four fights taking place in “Sin City”. We asked about the location of a fifth bout which could possibly take place outside of the U.S. “It depends it’s all numbers, you have to figure out how much it would do taking place outside the United States and then in the United States, and then you superimpose over that the taxes, and then figure out where the fighters are going to make the most money.”

    The logistics of money and location hardly being sorted out at this moment we dug a little bit deeper to find out about Marquez’s state of mind and what he would like to do in terms of fighting in September, and if he wants to fight against “Pac-Man” again in which Arum answered, “That’s the purpose of the meeting, but my feeling is that both fighters are opened to fighting each other and I’m a promoter so it’s my job to make it happen.”

    As Marquez’s position remains uncertain, we probed in to what may happen if the Mexico City native were to turn down a rematch with congressman Pacquiao, and what would lie ahead for the 8 division champion “If I can’t make it happen, and I don’t believe for a moment that I can’t, then I’ll figure out alternatives but not till I exhaust every effort to make it happen.”

    So with the future still uncertain about whether or not Manny Pacquiao will get the chance to exact revenge in a rematch against Juan Manuel Marquez, we look forward in to the days and weeks as Bob Arum attempts to deliver the good in what could be an epic and monumental fight that could surpass the last.