Austin Trout Says The Canelo Fight A ‘Good Possibility’ For May


    Austin Trout upset the apple cards last December when he ended Miguel Cotto’s undefeated streak at Madison Square Garden knocking off one of boxing’s biggest draw. What does he want to do for an encore? Do the same in May in defeating another one of the sport’s superstars in Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez. At first it was seen as a long shot after Trout defeated the next potential Canelo foe in Cotto. However with Trout being advised by Al Haymon and the reports that Canelo actually wants the fight, maybe there is a chance Trout lands the Canelo fight on May 4th.

    When Trout spoke to in a video interview, he stated, “The possibilities are looking good. Although it’s not concrete, it’s looking good. There should be an announcement whether yeah or nay coming soon.”

    If by some chance the fight does happen and Trout does defeat Canelo, one may think Trout won’t get the credit he deserves because Canelo has been relatively untested. Trout understands that and he’s fine with it.

    “Boxing fans are probably the toughest critics of any sports ever. They still discredit some of Floyd Mayweather’s wins but they still consider him the best in the world. It doesn’t matter who I fight or who I beat, someone will say it wasn’t all it was supposed to be. I’m here to please the fans not the critics, I’m here to be a legend in my eyes and in yours.”

    Aside from the possible large payday, Trout feels Canelo is just a step in attaining his goal, being the man at 154 lbs. “Its vice versa, we both have belts and he has a good name. I’m trying to be the undisputed champion. So besides him being the name, my goal is to unify. Canelo’s got a belt that I need to make that happen,” explained Trout.

    However the chatter on most blogs, websites, and twitter is that people would be immensely surprised if Trout was to land the Canelo fight in May. To Trout, it’s not the end of the world and there are other plans in mind if he doesn’t get what’s number 1 on his priority list.

    “There are other possibilities. There are too many names in 154 not to fight. Of course I want Canelo and I want the belt but I’m not going to sit around and wait for him. If it’s not Canelo in May, then we’ll go after someone else in April or the May time frame  I’m coming at all their heads; like I said there’s too many of them not to get a fight. We know who I’m eyeing (Canelo), and he claims to be eyeing me back, so there should be nothing to it but to do it.”