Barrera “bothered” by the way he’s being overlooked in Ward fight, will use it for strength


Sullivan BarreraSullivan Barrera (17-0, 12KOs) feels disrespected that Andre Ward (28-0, 15KOs) and the majority of boxing fans all already looking ahead to a potential PPV fight with the man regarded by many as the true light heavyweight King Sergey Kovalev later this year.  Barrera will have the biggest fight of his career on March 26 at the Oracle Arena in Oakland when he steps into the ring against Andre Ward in a very interesting light heavyweight bout.  Barrera, who is the No.1 ranked contender for the IBF, is risking his mandatory status in hopes of getting a big win on his resume before an eventual world title shot if he gets past Ward.  For Andre Ward, it’s a chance to use Barrera as a stepping stone for a path of more lucrative opportunities in the near future.

Barrera gave his true thoughts on being overlooked by Ward in an interview with Behind the

“In a way it bothers me, yes, but being overlooked gives me strength and it’s making me train harder to do what I need to do, but in a way it does bother me,” stated Sullivan Barrera through his translator.

What makes this bout intriguing is because Barrera is the most live opponent Ward has fought in quite some time.  While many still regard Ward as one of the best fighters in the world, the reality is that Ward has been a very inactive fighter since winning the “Super Six” tournament back in 2011. He’s fought only 3 times since, with only 1 fight in the past two years against Paul Smith back in June of 2015 that was considered a tune-up bout.

Ward will now test the waters against a ranked opponent in Sullivan Barrera who brings size, strength, and punching power to the table.  Barrera and his team, however, feel very confident of a win over Ward, pointing out Ward’s inactivity in the ring and perhaps being the physically stronger of the two fighters.

“I think my power is superior to Andre,” said Barrera.  “I’m going to punch at him, I’m going to wear him down, I’m going to try to hit him everywhere, and I think by the later rounds I wear him out enough to knock him out.

“I believe the inactivity is going to be a difference because, in a boxer’s life, inactivity is something that can be really harmful to a fighter’s career.

“I think Andre Ward will feel, and once he feels that, I will be able to do what I need to do.”

Obviously, the end goal for Sullivan is a chance for a world title shot against Sergey Kovalev, with whom he has already expressed interest to Sergey himself in fighting him.  Barrera feels Ward will not be able to stop him to his path for a title shot against Kovalev.

“That’s my goal, I expressed to Kovalev that I was after him, that I was gunning for him, and I don’t think that Andre Ward is going to be the one that keeps me from fighting Sergey Kovalev,” Barrera said.