Bernard Hopkins On Broners Post Fight Actions: He Can’t Handle The Reality Of He Got Beat


    bernard_280x390_469447aBernard Hopkins has had a long career in boxing so to say he knows a thing or two about fighting would be an understatement. Hopkins is a fighter and a partner with Golden Boy Promotions so he knows what it is like to be on both sides as promoter and as a fighter.

    Hopkins was in attendance for the Adrien Broner-Marcos Maidana fight in San Antonio and was unhappy with the way Broner left the ring after the fight and felt it was unprofessional.

    “You might get away with walking out the ring after a close fight but when you get beat down like that and you lost the fight you gotta stay and have class and face the music,” said Hopkins. “That there was even worse than losing the fight.”

    Broner may have been hurt but  Hopkins feels that Broner’s ego got the best of him and was bruised due to the loss and that is why he couldn’t stick around.

    “That showed that he can’t handle the reality of he got beat.”