Berto-Karass: “A View Inside The Ropes”


Speed, agility, and footwork are a part of the recipe for what Virgil Hunter, trainer of Andre Berto (28-2, 22 KOs), seems to have illuminated in this training camp. I have been observing Berto working more on boxing tactics that Vergil is polishing up to have him execute their game plan in the ring using explosive combinations with half steps pivoting in angles, which could surprise Jesus Soto Karass (27-8-3, 17 KOs). Not because of his speed, but how he’s executing it in the pocket. There’s an old cliche,“Skills pay the bills!” Berto is behind on payments, and must pay in full July 27th! A view inside the ropes: I see Andre Berto coming out in the early rounds, pawing with the jab soft, soft, hard, and exploding in spurts with two-three punch combinations. He doeshave a tendency after throwing combinations to pull out going straight back at times,which could get him on the ropes and in trouble. One things for sure! He must keep that chin tucked, not to get caught while backing up.

If you are expecting the same fighter in Jesus Soto Karass (27-8-3, 17 KOs), you are in for a big surprise! Many people in the Soto Karass team has said that in the early rounds they will be coming out with a different approach to establish the pace and tempo of the fight. In the late rounds, I see Soto Karass moving his head behind his jab moving Berto back and eventually getting him on the ropes. This is when “El Renuente” downshifts, raising his RPMs, and digging in with heavy punches to the body and head. A view inside the ropes: I see Jesus Soto Karass staying calm in the early rounds, making ground gradually. His non-stop forward aggression and landslide of punches willbe taxing on the mind of Berto. One thing’s for sure, this fight will tap into the

One thing’s for sure, this fight will tap into the will of each fighter. Whose ‘will’ is going to be greater on July 27th? I see Jesus Soto “El Renuente” Karass’will being the tipping point towards victory!