Bob Arum “I really believe that Manny’s gonna knock him out”


Bob-Arum-112313cTop Rank CEO Bob Arum spoke with media whilst staging the first press conference to promote what many have called the new ‘fight of the century’; Floyd Mayweather Jr(47-0, 26KO’s) vs Manny Pacquiao(57-5-2, 38KO’s).

Top Rank Promotions represent Pacquiao and have joined forces with Mayweather Promotions and their adviser Al Haymon to finally make the fight that many speculated would never happen. This was due in part to Arum and Floyd Mayweather’s personal strife stemming from back when Mayweather was still a member of the Top Rank stable. The two have often spoken ill of one and other through the media, and Arum has also publicly stated in the past that he would never work with Al Haymon. However, in the light of such historic success, Arum was keen to direct everybody’s attention away from any behind-the-scenes disagreements that may have stalled negotiations before now, and on to the fight itself.

“This is not about promoters or managers or all that shit. This is about two guys getting in the ring on May 2nd trying to tear each others head off. That’s the only thing that’s important; everything else is in the past.”

All involved will profit handsomely from this arrangement so letting the past lay is the best way forward. It’s easy to be easy-going when you are about to reap the profits of what will almost certainly be the richest prize fight ever made.

When asked for his pick of the winner this, the most prestigious of events, Arum’s reply was predictable if a tad bold.

“I really, really believe that Manny’s gonna knock him out. I think the strategy is good, you’re gonna see. I really believe there’s gonna be a knockout here.”

What strategy he’s referring to I have no clue. It seems unnecessary for Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach to give Arum the low-down on what they want to do in the ring that night. Maybe he just wanted to seem in the know. Maybe he’s an old rich guy saying things because he can. Whichever way the result goes it won’t dent his pocket, so I’m not sure how much stock to put into those words.