Both Angulo and Porter Can Benefit From A Change Of Trainers


After being locked in a detention center for close to a year Alfredo “El Perro” Angulo was let off of the chain. Angulo immediately went back to what he knows best, knocking people out. Raul Casarez was his first victim, getting knocked out a minute into the first round. It’s a little over month later and Angulo is already back in the ring. This fight against Jorge Silva however wouldn’t be as easy.

Jorge Silva is no easy fight but in the same right, Silva is normally a welterweight. Silva has been brought up the hard way. Some might say Silva was thrown to the wolves early on in his careers. One thing was for sure and that is Silva won’t go down without a fight. That is exactly what Angulo needs, a good test to get back in the swing of things, literally.

First question I asked myself was, how different of a fighter would Angulo be now that he is trained by Virgil Hunter? He is much more patient and attempts to box more instead of rushing in. To be honest I don’t like it, you are taking the fight out of him. Angulo needs to be the bull in a China shop. That’s what made him so exciting in the first place. With that being said, Silva stunned Angulo several times with counter hooks. I know Angulo needed to get some rounds in but he let Silva hang a little to close and was getting caught often. Bottom line is if you tame the bull all you have is a china shop. Virgil Hunter is a great trainer but maybe Anne Wolf would be a better fit; especially since James Kirkland recently let her go but that’s just my two cents.

Also on the undercard Shawn Porter faced off against veteran Julio Diaz. Porter won the first few rounds but then it appeared that Diaz changed gears. Diaz started to counter him and found his own rhythm. Porter seemed to struggle the rest of the fight, which winded up being his first blemish ending in a draw. Porter seems to be a jack of all trades but an expert of none. He does everything well but I still question his desire for the sport. Like Angulo I think Porter may benefit from a change of trainers. Regardless I look forward to both Alfred Angulo and Shawn Porter’s next fights.

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