Boxcino Brandon Adams–Alex Perez Results


e0a2f073-f8c2-4f6a-9410-391858561a5e Brandon Adams came into his fight with Alex Perez as the most notable fighter in the Boxcino 154lb tournament. But Adams is also the most experienced having made it to the 2014 Boxcino 160lb finals last year.
Adams started off head hunting a bit, perhaps trying to make a statement and show why he deserved a second chance at Boxcino greatness. Perez had the reach and height advantage, but he didn’t utilize it at all and it really hurt him when setting a pace early on was vital.
Perez needed to move, but he often found himself in precarious positions with the concept of ring generalship a complete nonfactor. Adams kept Perez on the inside and absolutely manhandled him. Perez was just too small for Adams to care about his power and he was getting overpowered easily.
In the 4th round, Perez was able to get some offense in for a longer stretch when he put Adams’ back against the ropes. But Adams came back with short, powerful right hands.
The one mistake Adams made in that round was when he found success he began to alleviate from the game plan and the things that he was finding success with. Adams would find success and then get overzealous, that’s when the head hunting would resume.
In the closing moments of the 5th round, Adams landed the picture perfect right hand against the southpaw fighter and it was devastating. Perez tried to beat the count but he was clearly too hurt and the referee waved off the fight.
Adams made the statement he wanted to make and cemented himself as the man to beat in the Boxcino tournament.

He also proved that the drop in weight would not hinder his ability.