Bradley-Marquez A Beautiful Chess-Match, Not For Casual Boxing Fans


    Juan Manuel Marquez is clearly one of the smartest fighters in boxing history and last night Tim Bradley proved that his in-ring intelligence is on another level when compared to many other fighters out there.

    Marquez and Bradley both have a tremendous amount of heart, will, skill and determination and last night both of these ring warriors played an extreme game of chess in the ring that true boxing fans could appreciate and was not for the casual boxing fan that just want to see wild swings and crazy knockouts.

    Each punch and every attack was calculated and the fight could have gone either way but not everyone will always be happy especially with the fights that the two fighters had prior to meeting each other.

    Last year Marquez sent shockwaves through the boxing world with a devastating KO of Manny Pacquiao. Marquez and Pacquiao knew each other so well and wanted the victory so bad that anything could of happened so a war broke out between the two at certain parts of the fight with Marquez coming out victorious.

    Earlier this year Bradley was a man hell-bent on establishing himself as a top fighter amidst all the criticism that he received over his victory over Pacquiao and took on Pacquiao’s old sparring partner Ruslan Provodnikov. From the opening bell to the ending bell both fighters gave and took shots that would make any human shake from witnessing the carnage that was going on inside the ring.

    Both of those fights left many expecting an all out war but what they got instead was a lesson that there is more to the sweet science than just punching and not every fight will be in will bring up memories or compete with Gatti-Ward and there are many other dimensions to the sport .