Brandon Rios and Robert Garcia Say Mexicans Will Still Watch If It’s Pacquiao-Mayweather on May 2 Instead of Canelo-Cotto


    Main-Brandon-Rios-Robert-Garcia-Farina-Doghouse-BoxingWith all the talks surrounding Cinco De Mayo and a Mexican being involved, it was interesting to get a Mexican and a Mexican American’s input on the date. caught up with Brandon Rios and Robert Garcia to get their input on whether a Mexican needs to headline the boxing date or not.

    “Everybody knows that Floyd has had that date for many years,” Brandon Rios told “It’s a Mexican holiday so Mexicans will still watch if its Pacquiao-Floyd. Mexicans aren’t only going to watch if its only a Mexican fighting. Anybody can fight on that date. In Mexico, yes it’s a traditional Mexican holiday but here in United States, the Mexicans are still going watch, all they want is a good fight, especially if its Mayweather-Pacquiao because it’s a fight they want to see.”

    His world renowned trainer Robert Garcia agrees with him.

    “I don’t think it necesarily has to be like that because its a holiday for every Mexican,” stated Garcia. “So Mexicans are really boxing fans so if its Mayweather-Pacquiao or Mayweather against whoever, it’s still going to sell because Mexicans loves boxing and will celebrate that weekend. It’s a celebration and it doesn’t matter who’s fighting.”

    Garcia feels Mayweather has the blueprint because of the money that weekend brings in.

    “That’s why Mayweather has been fighting on those dates because he knows he can make money on that date.”

    Rios ended by saying that, “If there were no fights, the Mexicans are still going to celebrate.It doesn’t matter who’s fighting.”