Brandon Rios Committed, Focused and Ready


Brandon Rios

Brandon Rios (33-3-1) prepares to go to war with Timothy Bradley(31-1-1) on November 7th at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas.

ThaBoxingVoice interviewed Brandon Rios on his upcoming confrontation with “Desert Storm.” Rios feels as though the boxing world has forgotten or even looked down on him after Pacquiao dominated him. He seems to have something to prove now that he has a chance again to beat a top fighter, however just because you have drive does not mean you have gas.

Rios claims to have been doing a lot of “bullshit” in the past and not training during the Pacquiao fight, but he did give Pacman credit for the win. Of course, no one knows if Rios would have done better even if he were training properly.

“I been trained to box, I’ve trained to brawl, I’ve trained to run,” Rios told

The same could be said for Timothy Bradley, who has shown the ability to utilize various tempos and go along with whatever kind of fight pans out.

Both Rios and Bradley have too much heart and pride. They both simply will not back down from a brawl, which is great for the fans, but sometimes you have to do the opposite of what your opponent wants you to do.

The opponent wants to run? Search and destroy. He wants to brawl? Be a matador and make him pay.

This fight has big consequences for both fighters. Despite having similar records, it is the consensus that Bradley is better armed than Rios; however Rios is a tough Hispanic fighter with something to prove after a streak of mediocre performances.

If Rios wins, he instantly becomes one of the top fighters in the division, and people will say Bradley is spent. Rios really needs this win if he wants to get momentum to become more than just a contender. It also goes for Bradley if he doesn’t want to fade into obscurity. When these two clash on November, 7 it will be a war of survival.