Brandon Rios on Third Clash with Mike Alvarado: ‘We Are Both Going to Fight Our Hearts Out’


    1384993827000-Rios-reporters-131118-003aFormer two time world champion Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios is set to once again face former WBO junior welterweight champion Mike Alvarado on January 24th in Alvardo’s home town of Denver, Colorado.

    In the movies, trilogies almost never live up to the original or for that matter the sequel. I do not think Rios Alavardo 3 will turn out like the Godfather 3. These two men have had two fight of the year caliber bouts with Rios taking the first and Alvarado getting revenge in the second. Both fights were all action wars. It’s nearly impossible for these guys to make a bad fight with each other. Recently caught up with Brandon Rios and discussed the upcoming rubber match.

    Rios was asked to speak on how his camp has gone thus far and the former two time champ had this to say, “Everything is going great I feel good, nothing to complain about. We are going back to all the things we did in the first fight and we have to do that again in the third fight. We’re ready and we cant wait.”

    Rios has been very vocal about wanting a rubber match immediately after suffering defeat in the second fight. “You know I’m very excited because the second fight could have went either way. We both were trading bombs, I think my face was more clean than his was after the fight but you know hey they gave it to him. Oh well, it is what it is. Now we have the third one and we are ready,” he explained.

    The question of Rios going to Denver in Alvarado’s home town for the fight and if it would be a concern was asked and Rios responded, “When we went there (Denver) for the press conference, it was a small one. It wasn’t anything big. It was what it was. It was f**king cold. It’s cold right now over there. That motherf**ker is like negative 19. It’s a different kind of cold over there. It’s f**king ice cold bro. It is what it is. We will be out there for two weeks. We are leaving the 11th. We will finish the training camp out there so we can get used to the altitude.”

    Alvarado moved a lot more in the second fight as opposed to the first fight where he stood and traded with Rios. “What ever he does, we don’t really care. We are ready for whatever. We are ready for what he did in the first fight and ready for what he did in the second one. I’ve been disciplined in this training camp and we are ready for whatever he has to bring,” Rios claimed.

    Rios was also asked about his good-natured relationship with Alvarado, and if he prefers disliking his opponents before a fight and he responded, “Honestly I don’t really care. It’s just me and Alvarado. We don’t talk shit. We are both going to go in the ring and fight the same way. We are both warriors. We are both going to fight our hearts out.”

    Rios reflected back on his first two fights with Alvarado and went on to say, “Dude the first fight I don’t remember what round it was but we were both just going back and forth for like 30 seconds. He would go, the next 30 seconds I would go. It was awesome. The second one when I f**king stunned him with the jab in the second round and in the third round he stunned my ass with the hook, so that was cool too you know because no one had ever hurt me before. It got me like oh sh*t he chin checked me but he didn’t really hurt me. He just wobbled me. I got a chin of fucking iron man.”

    If the third clash is anything like the first two then boxing fans should be in for a treat on January 24.