Brandon Rios Will Bring The War To Mike Alvarado If He Has To


    Unlike most boxers when entering a high stakes fight where it’s almost inevitable that it will be a war and both fighters are going to leave the ring that night different than once they came in, Brandon Rios actually welcomes and enjoys it. On the heels of what most expect to be fight of the year with Mike Alvarado next week on the Donaire-Nishioka undercard. Brandon Rios was a guest on Tha Boxing Voice Radio show last night. He was excited and welcomed the punches and the war that this fight might end up being next week.

    “First of all, you got to love what you do. I love to fight, like I said. When I get hit, and I get hit with a good shot, I smile back, because I loved it. That was a badass shot you gave me. I love what I do. I’m ready mentally. Right when they say, you’re going to fight this guy, I’m hyped up already. I’m ready to fight and show the world what I can do. I’m already mentally prepared. The only thing to do is get physically prepared, that’s train your ass off, make sure you have the conditioning to go round after round, punch after punch. Me and Mike, I’m sure we’re going to be throwing lots of bombs, lots punches. It’s not going to be pitty-pat. There’s going to be lots of bombs in there. “I’ve trained for this fight, throwing nothing but bombs and hard shots. Everything I throw is hard. I’m mentally ready. I can’t wait to get hit by Mike Alvarado. Everybody’s saying he hits really hard.”

    A few months ago Brandon explained on our air that he didn’t want to make an easy jump to 140 and that he wanted the “baddest motherfucker at 140. He got what he asked for in this instance and he couldn’t be a happier fighter. “I’m freaking happy they gave me the baddest motherfucker. I told Robert (Garcia) right away, give me the toughest motherfucker (at 140). I don’t regret it. I’d still do it today. I’ll still do it tomorrow again. I’ll say the same shit again. I got it, I want it, I shall receive it.”

    Brandon Rios is like a kid in a candy store or one that’s waiting for Christmas next Saturday. The feeling he brought off was excitement and you’d be hard-pressed to think he wasn’t ready for any surprises Mike Alvarado might bring, especially when Alvarado has said that he might surprise Rios and outbox him. Rios doesn’t seem too concerned because if Alvarado doesn’t make it a war, he will.

    “I’ve seen him on his videos, he comes to fight. If he chooses not to, it could be a disappointment to everybody. But I’m not going to disappoint my fans. What I do best is fight and give the fans what they want. If he feels like he needs to do something different, because he’s not very sure of himself with brawling techniques, he’ll do what he’s got to do.”

    He continued saying that this wasn’t the first time someone wanted to outbox him and even if they try, they fail. “People say that they’ll try to fight me on the outside. They end up fighting me. If he tries to box me, it’s all good by me; I’ll go in there and do what I do. I’m ready to fight the way I fight, bring it like I always do, 100%.”

    Rios has underrated boxing talent and throws an uppercut that Mike Alvarado may be susceptible to. Rios has the fighting instinct in him and maybe that why he chooses to wage war, but does feel he doesn’t get credit for other things. “I’ve got great defense. My defense is my offense. When I’m inside, I do great work. I block very well. People don’t give me credit for my blocking, my defense. I’ll show everybody what’s going to happen when they see the way I fight Mike Alvarado. I could choose to box, but that’s not my style. I love to fight. I can do it for maybe 20 seconds of the fight, but then I go back into what I love to do best, and that’s to fight. Why risk me getting caught myself doing something I shouldn’t be doing? I stick to what I do best.”

    What he does best is putting on exciting fights and going for the knockout. That’s the plan for this fight and he predicts that one guy won’t make it for the final bell, and that guys is Mike Alvarado. “It’s not going the full distance. I’m determined to go for a knockout. I’m shooting for a knockout. That’s the way I feel right now, that’s how confident I am. The way my preparation’s been, the way my condition is, and the way I’ve been training for this fight. I’m going for the knockout.”

    Rios is one of boxing’s most exciting fighters. Rios could have gone the easy route in his move up in weight and people certainly would have watched. He was slated to take on Mauricio Herrera but that bout was called off due to injury. Most people would have not given him much criticism for that fight. Instead in his return, he chose to take on the guy that beat Herrera last time out and as he calls it, “the baddest motherfucker at 140.” People would wonder why he would take such a dangerous fight as his first jump in weight. To Rios, it was a no brainer. “. I want the toughest guy out there because if I get beat, I don’t want to get beat by someone who was simple or easy, they forget about it the next. I want a guy who’s going to go out there and whoop my ass. I want a tough guy who can take the punch and throw the punch back. That’s why I keep picking out these big fights and hard fights. Mike Alvarado fits the position very well. I want to show the fans that they get what they pay for when they see me fight. A guy that comes to fight, and gives the fans what they want.”

    October 13th couldn’t come soon enough.


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