Briscoe: “The Macklin Fight Made More Sense, But Gabe Dared To Be Great, We Caught Another Bad Break”


    Even 3 days after this past Saturday’s fight between Gabriel Rosado and Peter Quillin, the talk has still been about the call made by the ringside doctor and the ref to stop the fight because of a cut over the left eye of Gabriel Rosado. It seemed like Rosado was coming on when the ringside doctor stepped in and made the call to stop the fight. Plenty in attendance were upset and many on social medio. Billie Briscoe, Rosado’s head trainer and cut man was disgusted.

    “I wouldn’t want to put no conspiracy theory; I don’t know what’s going on there. But I just wanted to scream, that’s my reputation on the line. I’m not only a trainer, I’m a cut man. I stopped cuts to make that sh*t look like a nick,” explained Briscoe.

    What was more disgusting to Briscoe was the scorecards. Between two judges, Rosado had only won 1 round where plenty of ringside media had it much closer and some ever had the fight being a rd apart or even.

    “Two judges ain’t give us one round, c’mon pop? I could have kept him in that fight with the cut and we still was going to lose on the cards, we still needed a knockdown to win. My guys had to knock him down 4 times to make it even. My kid don’t catch no break, we don’t catch no breaks. The only breaks we get are bad breaks.”

    Rosado has had tough luck, waiting almost forever for an IBF title shot at 154 lbs that never came, a no contest fight to J’Leon Love where Love tested positive for a banned substance, and being the only one to step up and fight the boogeyman of the middleweight division, Gennady Golovkin. In that fight Rosado was battered and cut over both eyes. Many felt those cuts were worst than the one he suffered on Saturday.

    “It was a worst cut over both eyes and he was bleeding for 6 rounds with cuts over both eyes, but that was New York, why the hell couldn’t they give me 1 round. C’mon man, at least let him finish the round, it was open but it wasn’t bleeding, he was hit with a shot and it still wasn’t bleeding. “

    Rosado made the jump for two Showtime fights after his fight with Golovkin. He had a fight lined up with Matthew Macklin where some would say was a more winnable fight and Rosado even said HBO offered him more money for the fight. In retrospect, one would say he should have taken the Macklin fight and then got another world title show at middleweight especially since the HBO roster is more full of middleweight champions and middleweight contenders.

    Although Briscoe agreed with that notion, he says that’s not what Gabe’s about.

    “Of course it would have been a better fight to take from a business standpoint but not from Gabe’s point of view. He dared to be great. He wants to be world champion. I told him 10 years ago when he walked into my program, it’s going to take you 10 year and that was 9 ½ years ago, so god willing it will happen.”