Broner storms off “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” set in a display of maturity


IFWT_adrien-broner-atl-hiphopAdrien Broner’s reality TV moment came and went as TMZ Sports reports that the Cincinnati fighter stormed off the set of  “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.”


Broner was all set to make an appearance on the reality TV show before storming off the set before the cameras even started rolling at the Playboy Radio building. The newly positioned radio host and cast member Karlie Redd was set to do an interview with Broner before the drama picked up in the studio.


Apparently, as TMZ Sports reports, Broner was upset with producers of the show who attempted to create fictionally based sexual tension between him and the show’s host.


Broner told TMZ that he was promised a different vibe altogether and felt “duped” as things progressed, further admitting that he is in a serious relationship and did not want the cameo to complicate things with the young woman in his life.


This might seem like a ploy for publicity sake, but this actually shows some growth on AB’s part. In the past, he might’ve taken the opportunity to come across as a womanizer to further his commercial appeal and adhere to the character he’s portrayed in the past. Instead, Broner took the high road and ruined his opportunity at a cameo in order to take a moral high ground.