Broner-Theophane breakdown: Whose corner will Mayweather Jr. be in?


Ashley TheophaneAdrien Broner is now a four division world champion after claiming a regular WBA belt, and his first title defense of his new belt is looking underwhelming to say the least. Ashley Theophane, a British fighter in TMT, was recently seen with Floyd Mayweather, and tweeted out this:


“Good seeing @FloydMayweather today. Victory 40 coming up! #BronerTheophane #AndTheNew.” All signs are pointing to a Broner-Theophane clash for early next year most likely on a Showtime or PBC main event.


Theophane considers Floyd to be his idol, but he is also his boss and the man who offered Theophane to be on his team, so it makes sense for Floyd to help his guys get a title shot, but against….AB? It seems as if Floyd may have conflicting interests for both sides if this fight happens.


In an article by Michael Gadd of, it was stated that Floyd helped Broner train for his last fight against Shawn Porter, a fight in which Broner lost and did not look good in the slightest.


It remains to be seen where Floyd and Broner’s relationship stands at the moment. Broner was Floyd’s “Lil Bro” when he was undefeated and on his way to being the next PPV star, but now all that has changed.


Floyd’s new favorite fighter is supposedly Gervonta Davis, who looks like an absolute killer and may give Broner a run for his money at 140 within a few years. Theophane looks to be next in line for a shot at Broner. Even AB is in on it because after his last win he had this to say about Ashley:


Adrien Broner-Floyd Mayweather“’I’m going to fight who I want to fight and when I want to fight them. You know, they say my big bro, the one, the only Floyd Mayweather, he say he got a fighter that he feels like he can beat me..” Broner said in his post-fight interview.


So since it is happening, here is a quick preview of Broner-Theophane: to quote AB, “easy work.”


People can criticize “About Billions” all they want, but they cannot lie about this, Broner has a great chin and is a pretty tough guy, not many men in the sport could have survived 12 rounds vs Maidana on that night as he did.


On top of that, Broner is a decent, not great, boxer who moves around the ring well and evades his fair share of power punches. So based on that premise: How is Theophane going to bother Broner?


Theophane has 11 knockouts in 39 victories and a 24% overall knockout rate, he is not a big puncher in any stretch of the imagination. He is a highly skilled boxer who has never been stopped or knocked out in his career, but it simply doesn’t look like he will test Broner.


Broner-Theophane is not a fight that boxing fans are dying to see and Broner fans would probably rather see him fight someone with a bit more star power. This is the path that Broner has chosen to go, and if he wants to be one of the sports cash cows again, he must fight better opposition.