Broner Wants Garcia’s “Green Belt;” Not interested in Vazquez


It’s clear that Adrien “The Problem” Broner is a natural born star, but what bonds a person with star like qualities and an actual star is substance. For Broner to become the star he has clearly set out to become he has to make the strides of a prizefighter. That is exactly what he is planning on doing after calling out WBC junior welterweight champion Danny Garcia.

Broner told in a recent interview that he is going for the gold, which translates into the green. On a recent edition of ESPN’s FNF Broner said he’d be going after the “green belt” (WBC) which is currently held by Danny Garcia. Broner made it clear that he wasn’t calling out Danny per se, but he said he will be making a run at the owner of the WBC title at 140lbs, whoever has it at that particular time.

“If [Danny] got the green belt (WBC) then I have to have it. At the end of the day it’s a business, we’ll be friends after the fight. I’m pretty sure he’ll make the best decision for his career and I’ll do the same,” Broner said.

Broner made it clear that he would prefer to fight once more at lightweight before moving up 5 more pounds to junior welterweight, which will depend on the outcome of the March 16th championship tilt between Ricky Burns and Miguel Vazquez.

“If Ricky Burns decides to fight me then I’m going to unify the division, but Ricky Burns has to handle his business [with Vazquez] first, he got to get the W.”

Burns is the preferred fight of Broner, and really the preferred fight of everyone. Vazquez is a worthy challenger, but his recent uninspiring performances have made him a very unattractive fight to many fighters and fans. Broner made it clear that he has very little intent on fighting Vazquez and would more than likely move up, rather than unifying titles against Vazquez. Broner feels a fight with Burns is much more lucrative and could be a potential PPV.

“With Vasquez, you know, everyone knows how that fight would pan out. Ricky Burns would be more of a fight, he got the whole UK behind him. [Burns fight] would be my first potential PPV and we going to go get them dollars,” Broner explained.

It’s difficult to say whether or not a fight between Broner and Burns would demand a PPV, but with the recent move of Floyd Mayweather Jr. to Showtime it would seem the door has opened for Broner to begin his takeover at HBO and that’s exactly how “Mr. HBO” sees it.

When asked what the Mayweather-Showtime deal meant for the sport and himself specifically Broner responded by saying, “It’s an opportunity to show why I’m at the top at an early age. [Floyd] is going to always do what he’s always done, he’s going to do record breaking numbers, but records were meant to be broken. His window will close and my window stays open, after him I will take over the game of boxing.”