Garcia: Rios Says He’s Stopping Alvarado in 5


    Brandon Rios has a big rematch set with Mike Alvarado come this March 30th at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. While he may be hard in training, he has been involved in a social media tussle on twitter with 135 lb WBC champion Adrien Broner. A fight between Rios and Broner would be epic but because of promotional rifts between their respective promoters (Rios-Top Rank and Broner-Golden Boy), a fight between the two will most likely not happen.

    ThaBoxingVoice Radio show interviewed Rios’ trainer, Robert Garcia on the prospect of facing Broner and if this media spat has caused Rios to lose his focus on the man in front of him March 30th, Mike Alvarado.

    “Nothing at all is going to affect him for this fight. Broner is coming up with some big names and looking forward to a great career. They’re both with a different promoter so I don’t even see that fight happening. Whatever with social media, but I don’t see that happening. Broner still got some work to do, he needs to fight bigger guys, bigger name guys. Brandon’s already proven but don’t get me wrong he’s (Broner) a hell of a talent and he’s interesting to watch but him and Rios I don’t see that fight happening,” Garcia told

    Rios-Alvarado I was a fight of the year contender if not the fight of the year to many. Rios won via 7th round TKO. Many fans see this fight as a very dangerous one for Rios and one that he may not have much to gain aside from an HBO date while Rios waits on Pacquiao and Marquez. Garcia resembles somewhat the same sentiment but feels Rios won’t have a letdown.

    “Losing to Alvarado is not going through our minds. If you ask Brandon, he says it’s going to be less than 5 rounds. He did it once, why not do it again?  We have to be well prepared because if not Alvarado can come out to give us a harder fight. At first we felt like why should we fight him again, we already knocked him out but if HBO and Top Rank want it and Brandon got what he demanded to get paid; Why not do it again?  We’re young and Brandon’s got a bright future and those big names are there and they’re not going nowhere,” stated Garcia. ran an article where the trainer of Tim Bradley, Joel Diaz stated that Team Bradley wanted a fight with Brandon Rios. Tim Bradley himself has even gone on record doing the same. So the question was posed to Garcia, why not Bradley-Rios instead of Bradley-Alvarado?

    “We have never been offered the fight with Bradley because both are (Cameron) Dunkin guys. We are all a part of the same team and we shouldn’t be fighting each other is what I first though. But now that I see Ponce (De Leon)-Mares are fighting and their managed by the same guy (Frank Espinoza), now I see those fights are possible. If it’s to be offered I don’t see it happening because Cameron probably wouldn’t want both his guys fighting. If we’re being pointed in that direction why not, Brandon is ready for anyone at 140 or 147.”


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