Bronze Medalist Mary Kom Encourages Women Take Up Self Defense, Says Boxing Saved Her From Being Raped


    Olympic bronze medalist Mary Kom of India recently spoke out about women’s safety in India in light of recent attacks and rape happening to females in the country. Kom said she was once attacked at the age of 18 but due to her knowledge of boxing she was able to overpower her attacker and escape.

    “I was going to church on a Sunday,” said Kom. “I was wearing a traditional wraparound dress and took a rickshaw as I was a bit late. Suddenly the rickshaw puller caught my hand and tried to molest me. I managed to flatten him because I was fit and strong. That incident taught me a lesson that as a woman I have to be very alert and must have courage.”

    Kom advises females to take a form a self defense such as boxing because it can help prevent attacks.

    “I would urge them to have some kind of physical training to prevent sexual attack because you need to be strong and fit to fight attackers. I would also tell them to fight without fear.”

    In part of her efforts for helping females learn to defend themselves, Kom has released a mobile app for teaching self defense.