Bruno Escalante Keeping a Steady Pace

Bruno Escalante (12-1 6KOs) looks to defend his IBA junior bantamweight title for the first time against Victor Ruiz (12-2 9KOs) at Cache Creek Casino and Resort on April 5th in Brooks, CA. For Escalante, change has been good. Since signing with manager Herb Stone in mid 2012 he has witnessed his career go to great heights. Escalante, who fights out of Undisputed Boxing Gym, not only is the face of the fight team, but also has taken on leadership roles. He is working essentially in the role of captain of the team.
It’s not unlike a fairy tale story for Escalante, who traveled the world, Cebu, Philippines, to Hawai’i to eventually the Undisputed Boxing Gym. Escalante last July spent 20 minutes straight sparring a shark tank of fresh foes rotating in and out of the ring, Escalante used the solid substance of his technique to soundly show his skills over the course of time leaving me to think ,“How the hell is someone in this kind of shape?” Afterwards, a scene I will never forget, Escalante, who uses Reyes gloves, a glove known for having less padding, soaked his hand in ice, looking at his strength and conditioning coach Mike Bazzel, complaining about the pain. Bazzel looked back at Escalante, took the bag out of Escalante’s hand and stuck his hand in the bag without breaking eye contact. 
Minutes later, Bazzel explained that Escalante wants to knock guys out so he uses Reyes gloves. The downside is the damage his hands take. I share this story to illustrate the relationship between Escalante and his coaches at Undisputed Boxing Gym, Brian Schwartz and Mike Bazzel. His coaches are two of the reasons that Escalante has seen success over past year that lead to  his naming as the 2013 Northern California Fighter of the Year and his trainers to be named Trainers of the Year. 
Escalante, who will defend his IBA Junior Bantamweight title against Victor Ruiz, who is a more advanced version of the man he fought in late February, Lorenzo Trejo. Ruiz has had his last seven fights finish by stoppage. Only one time was he the one on the canvas. Ruiz is a southpaw bull and he prefers not to box , but rather to get his opponent on the ropes and take his chances with his power against whoever he is facing.Ruiz’s most impressive win to this date was a second round knockout over Sergio Frias (13-2-1), who is the best boxer Ruiz had faced to that date.
For Escalante this is a fight to test his composure. In the past, Escalante has been found trading in spurts. For example, the Rigoberto Casillas fight from March of 2013 and Ruiz is one person who it might not be advantageous to trade with. It is a test. Escalante is expected to win this fight, but it is not a lock by any means. Ruiz has game changing power and is aggressive enough to make things happen even in the darkest of circumstances. It is a truly interesting matchup as the top prospect Bruno Escalante gets another stern test.
Escalante vs Ruiz and Mendez vs TBD headlines a night of world-class professional championship boxing 
presented by Don Chargin Productions, Paco Presents Boxing and Cache Creek Casino Resort. Doors open 
at 5:00 pm, the first bell rings at 6:00 pm.