Angel Garcia on Danny getting the Mayweather treatment


    Angel Garcia - Danny GarciaAngel Garcia, trainer and father of Danny “Swift” Garcia, participated in his media rounds last week at the Conga Room at LA Live to help promote his son’s next fight against Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero being held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on January 23.  The elder Garcia didn’t hold back his opinions when asked about topics surrounding the boxing world and the outspoken trainer’s comments can strike as being very comical and controversial to say the least.

    Whenever Angel is asked about Floyd Mayweather, he’s always given Floyd his props and gave some insight on his first meet with Mayweather and see’s that his son Danny is going through the same thing Floyd went through as a professional prize fighter.

    “I met him (Floyd) one time, I met him at the basketball celebrity game with the Watsons and he just came out of jail at the time,” said Angel Garcia in an interview with FightHubTV.  “He’s a not a bad person, he work for his shit.  But what piss me off is that don’t nobody want to give him no credit like Danny.  They tell him he don’t fight nobody, but when other people fight they say is a good fight, but he beat all of them.”

    When asked about the possibility of Mayweather fighting Pacquiao again, Angel was obviously not interested but one could only laugh about his response on Mayweather/Pacquiao 2.

    “My brother you still want to give that boy (Pacquiao) all this money?  Let’s keep that shit in America,” he said.

    The topic of traveling for fights was brought up during the interview, but going overseas or traveling to an opponent’s backyard is something Angel says he would never do again because of the shady dealings he says he dealt with for a fight in Mexico he had with Danny very early in his career.

    “I would never fight overseas, we fought in Mexico one time and the commission was crazy out there,” said Angel.

    “Nobody was watching the wraps or nothing, I was arguing with the guy that was going to wrap the guy Danny was fighting, but he didn’t want to wrap the guy in front of me.

    “I said no you going to wrap them now; I want to see you wrap them.  It was a big argument in the locker room right before we got into the fight.”

    The days of Danny Garcia of having to travel to Mexico for a fight are long gone and Angel couldn’t be happier with the direction of his son’s career with the backing of Swift’s adviser the mystery man Al Haymon.

    However, both Danny and Angel have no interest in calling out future opponents or trashing other fighters through social media for a fight, because when it comes to Danny’s future opponents, it’s his adviser Al Haymon making those decisions.  But Angel did leave the door open that any potential fight is possible for Danny in the future.

    “Anything is possible in this boxing world, but right now we got to worry about Guerrero.  But anything is possible like I told you before I don’t call out no names because if it don’t happen I’ll look like an idiot.  At the end of the day, Al is making those decisions.”