Calls Notes: Jennings – Perez


    (Easton, PA – July 8th, 2014)  On July 26th, at the Theater at Madison Square Garden. Bryant “Bye Bye” Jennings (18-0, 10 KOs) and Mike Perez (20-0-1, 12 KOs) will put their undefeated records at risk when they meet in a WBC Heavyweight Title eliminator. The divisions champion is Bermane Stiverne (24-1-1, 21 KOs) who won the title in a exciting rematch against Chris Arreola back in May. Stiverne’s mandatory is knockout artist, Deontay Wilder (31-0, 31 KOs) but as of yet, nothing has been said on when the fight will happen.

    The winner of Jennings-Perez will be mandatory for the winner of Stiverne-Wilder, unless otherwise is said. Earlier today the 2 men who will meet on July 26th, along with their promoters and trainers, came together for a conference call to speak on behalf of their upcoming fight.

    K2 promotions, Tom Loeffler opened the call
    “We are really excited about the show. The main event Is an exciting fight between Gennady Golovkin and Daniel Geale. This co-feature itself, Is Its own main event being a WBC eliminator and having 2 heavyweights fighting each other.”

    Mike Perez’s trainer, Adam Booth Is then introduced with a few words to say
    “When you look at some of the fights that have taken place recently for this championship, I’m confident when I say this fight Is better In quality than some of those recent fights. Its going to be a great fight.”

    Perez had a few words to say
    “I can’t wait for this fight, I think Its going to be a very good fight. I cant wait for July 26th, I’m going to do what I do.”

    Right away, Perez Is asked If going into this fight he has any backlash on the Mago fight back In November, In which Is quickly makes clear, he does not wish to speak about

    “What happened In the last fight, happened In the last fight. I just want everyone to know, not to ask anything about It, I don’t want to speak about It.”

    He touches base on the performance difference between the Mago fight & his return In January

    “I fought In November, then again In January. I was not mentally ready, I fought too soon.”

    His promoter adds on

    “The fight before the Takam fight was a physical fight for both fighters. It was too soon to bring him back. I really wanted to get him on HBO again but It was to soon. Now that he’s been with Adam (trainer) for quite some time. He Is ready.”

    Bryant Jennings trainer, Fred Jenkins Is introduced

    “Thank you all for this opportunity, I’m sure after this fight, Bryant will be recognized as the real heavyweight of the world, and soon the heavyweight champion.”

    Jennings then comes on

    “Good afternoon everyone, I want to thank anyone and everyone that had something to do with July 26th. I believe I’m definitely  working my hardest, my confidence Is 100%, I want to thank HBO, K2 Promotions and Gary Shaw Promotions.”

    Jennings is asked how he feels physically for this fight

    “Staying fit is not an easy task period. You can asked a great percentage of the world, It’s not easy. Even though I am a natural athelite. I am strong mentally, It takes a lot of mental strength to get over some of the long layoff’s I’ve had. I stay mentally focused and that’s what keeps me together, staying focused.”

    “Us as fighters, we go through a lot. 8 weeks Is to long of a time. We had a lot of time for this fight, It was actually 16 weeks because It was scheduled, cancelled and rescheduled. So this Is a big test, we worked a whole lot of weeks, we worked out hard, nearly killed ourselves. Being mentally strong will play a big part In this situation.”

    This Is the first time Jennings has been away from home for a camp, he had this to reflect on how It has affected him
    “It affected me greatly, I’m like the head of the family, the head of the neighborhood. I have a lot of people rooting for me, a lot of people wanting to stop by. Being away Is just a way to be fully focused and put my 100% In boxing.”

    Being that nothing has come forward about a Wilder-Stiverne fight, Jennings Is asked If Its difficult to look at being the winner might have to wait a long time before getting the title shot
    “I’m not looking at that, going into this boxing game now a days anything can happen. They can come up with something. I’ve literally been focused on this fight because you have to get past this before you even think of whats ahead.”

    Jennings Is asked how he dealt with the fight being rescheduled
    “My mental strength kicked In, I could have broke down. I was away from my son for 2 months and It felt like It was for nothing, but I’m still here, I’m still alive. The cancellation didn’t come to my expense, I wasn’t the hurt or injured one. I got over It real quick.”

    Perez Is asked If he was surprised to be at this level so quick following a draw back In January
    “I believe I am the best heavyweight out here at the moment, I have to thank my promoter for doing a good job and putting me here.”

    K2 promoter Tom Loeffler says
    “This Is a testament for both fighters. Even though Gary and I disagree on who Is going to win, we can both agree that the winner will be heavyweight champion. You have 2 guys risking their records, Mike did not lose his No.5 ranking after the draw, and with Jennings being No.4 that Is how the WBC was able to make this happen.”

    Rumors circulated that Perez did not want to fight In Texas, where the fight was originally planned
    “People can talk whatever they want to talk, If I didn’t want to fight, I wouldn’t fight, but I do want to fight. People can think whatever they want to think, I don’t care.”

    It was then later noted the rumors came from a fighter on the undercard who was disappointed In the cancellation

    Jennings is asked how he maintained a schedule, working full time and doing boxing, to which he says

    “I would do my runs before work in the mornings, sometimes I would even run to work. I would train leaving work, but I still put in my 8 hours of work. I’m a business man,, you have to run a business, a lot of people ask if I’m going to stop working soon, but I have a business to run.”

    One person noted seeing Jennings live and pointing out how Jennings would look at his opponents chest instead of their head or eyes

    “I started out that way, I can throw the opponent off like that. I can see where your feet are going and where your hands are moving. I was once told to look at the eyes but eyes are deceiving. Always look at the body, it plays a good roll on the offense and defense.”

    On closing comments, Tom Loeffler said

    “I wan to applaud both fighters for putting their unbeaten records at risk,, forget the promoters in this one. To many fighters now in this age worry about their records, so they don’t take the fights that can potentially damage that.”