Can Abner Mares Claim Mexico’s Throne?


Abner Mares is an explosive, tremendous talent in boxing with youth on his side, the world at his feet and greatness within arm’s reach. He was never given anything and worked his way to the top in every weight class that he has fought; which is why his victory this past Saturday was so much sweeter. Mares was unable to secure a sought out fight with Filipino sensation Nonito Donaire which many felt to be a proving point for him so what does he do? Instead of fighting nobodies, he saw the opportunity to move up in weight and take down one of the kingpins of the division earning him a triple crown or triple corona as Mexicans like to say it putting his name in the books with so many other of Mexico’s historical fighters; most notably “El Gran Campeon” Julio Cesar Chavez.

Since the day of Chavez has ended, the record of holding major titles in three different divisions has been broken by Erik Morales and Juan Manuel Marquez; although Marquez will be seeking his fifth major title this fall. time is against him. For Mares, he has all the time in the world. He is still very young and has not taken any bad beatings to shorten his career.

Mares speed and power increased as he moved up in weight and his technique is slowly perfecting itself. He could easily have another 5-10 years left in boxing and he could surpass holding five titles in five different divisions. With his hard work and never taking the easy road, he will become legendary in his own way. A true story with no Hollywood storyline of rags to riches, he will pave the way for future generations to possibly become Mexico’s top fighter and make his own mark in Mexican history .