Can Rios Do Better Than Margarito Against Pacquiao?


After Manny Pacquiao’s devastating loss to Juan Manuel Marquez last year, boxing fans wondered what would be next for the Filipino icon. Would he retire? Would he fight Marquez another time, or would he take the easy route and face a weaker tune-up fight?

In steps a young fighter in “Bam Bam” Brandon Rios. Rios is coming off the first loss of his career in a close entertaining fight. Fans are quick to write a fighter off after a loss but Rios is far from done.

Rios is an action brawler which many think will play into Pacquiao’s hands and Rios will fall the way that Antonio Margarito did but that is far from what Rios is and his trainer Robert Garcia will allow to happen. Rios’ defense is very underrated. His defense is written off to the fact that he doesn’t mind taking punches and when he takes punches he “f*cking loves it.” One could see Rios do a little more defensive training for his upcoming fight but that will not slow the action down.

Is Pacquiao underestimating Rios? Quite possibly. Pacquiao has had great fights against action fighters but Rios is by far the youngest and possibly the move up to 147 pounds could see him as the strongest opponent Pacquiao has faced since he has become a superstar. This is a make or break fight for Pacquiao and if he underestimates Rios he will be in for a long night.

For Rios, it’s another day doing what he does best; fighting. In getting a victory over Pacquiao, Rios sees it as his time to shine and make it out with the old and in with the new.